RIP Roc Raida

“To all you trendy DJs asking who Roc Raida is…sell your turntables, Serato box, latop, and disappear.” – J. Rocc

grandmaster roc raida (2)

Here’s Hua Hsu’s perfectly written piece on Roc Raida’s legacy. And here’s the official statement from Roc’s family.

Rest in peace Grandmaster Roc Raida.


2 thoughts on “RIP Roc Raida

  1. i just caught wind of this. i have been in jail for over 3 years, just released 3 days ago. and now i hear roc raida has past. my heat go’s out to his family! roc raida is the reason why i started djing( mixing and scratching).. may god rest his soul in the heavens!


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