We tend to keep localized posts to a minimum but this is worth sharing, especially since it’s our first sponsored event! Return of The Boom Zap and 45 Sessions (both hugely successful Bay Area parties) are combining efforts for a killer night this coming Sunday. I’ll be playing records with some very esteemed gentlemen in the Bay Area, most of whom are past and current Nerdtorious contributors as well as some of the best DJs and notable collectors around. Peep more about the party (and come out!) if you’re in the area. We’re playing all 45s, all night– or as Cutso put it: “Small records, Big sound!”

It Even Says Finesse On His Birth Certificate…

I was recently able to connect with Finesse again, this time for Ego Trip’s outstanding “Sample Flip Series”. This year promises to be a big year for him, as projects both vaulted and new are slated for release courtesy of Slice-of-Spice Records. As a fan of the label and series, I was glad to touch base with the Funky Technician. You can read/listen to it HERE.