Playin’ Kinda Ruff: The Troutman Legacy

Bay Area ace, DJ B.Cause salutes Roger and Zapp with an ultra fun mix of famous tracks, rap choruses, interludes and a healthy dose of cuts and blends. Like his other work, everything is well-selected and ironed out. This is perfect since interest in vocoders will likely peak real soon. Peep the mix, the rest of B. Cause’s work, and familiarize yourself beyond “Computer Love”.



Breaking The Ice

*This is the first of our “Breaking The Ice” series featuring friend and fellow music nerd, DJ Platurn. In addition to his mixtapes and ongoing DJ work, dude’s a collector who has made efforts to gather and document (funky) records from his country of Iceland. “Breaking The Ice” will feature the music and stories from these experiences. All vinyl rips from ultra-rare, Icelandic funk and boogie records from the ’70s. Peep the post (and others to come!) courtesy of Platurn.

By DJ Platurn

Way back in the year 2006 in my motherland, Iceland, my cousin Sveimhugi and I began compiling what we considered some of the best groove-based music from the annals of our little island’s rich musical history. We had no idea what we would come across. The following is a breakdown of one of the bands and one of their songs (note: all vinyl rips).

I am making a fairly safe assumption that this will be the first that time that all you digger nerds will hear some Icelandic funk. So for now, enjoy! Continue reading “Breaking The Ice”

Arthur Ponder’s Dr. Strangelove

One of my favorite audio blogs, Derek’s Daily 45, asked me to drop by a few weeks back. In fact, we ended up swapping posts. You can read (and listen) to Derek’s post HERE. Below is my quick contribution to his site. Thanks D!

“Dr. Strangelove” by Arthur Ponder

I first heard this on a mixtape years ago. “You know, that song where he says ‘Doctor Strangelove’ over and over in the chorus,” I’d ask people I knew. No one had info besides the occasional, “Does it have anything to do with the film?” “No,” I’d say.

This year I finally got it. I wish I could say I found it digging in Georgia somewhere, but it was Ebay. So here we are:

Arthur Ponder began his career singing with Johnny Jenkins, a left-handed guitarist and known influence on Jimi Hendrix who also played on Otis Redding’s early work. Not much info exists on Arthur himself, who recorded for Capricorn Records, a Georgian label founded in the late ‘60s known for spearheading Southern Rock led by their biggest signee, The Allman Brothers Band.

Arthur’s credited for additional vocals on other projects and also cut singles for Trey Records, another local Georgian label. He continually, albeit very quietly, put out material well into the ‘80s as far as I know.

I’ve since heard Arthur’s other work, but “Dr. Strangelove” is his defining opus: a song where he teeters on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the chorus, and where steady drums and a beautiful bassline propel the arrangement for roughly 3-minutes. The singing is so pained but the music’s so sunny. It was both written and produced by Eugene Davis. It’s killer Georgian soul, overtly filled with so many warm elements that can grab you. Hope you dig it.

Blunt Talk: Reggie Noble Interview

Published on URB

“Now, you know you don’t own a Benz / Yes, I do and chrome’s the trim,” says Redman to himself on ‘Redman Meets Reggie Noble’ a track off his 1992 debut, Whut? Thee Album. Even then, he drew a line between himself and Redman, a boastful blunt smoking, gun-toting rap character who’s nothing like Reggie (besides the blunt smoking part). That was 17 years ago, and now, his new album Reggie Noble 9 ½ caps a career that’s made him known in both rap and entertainment.

Known for his solo records (Dare Iz A Darkside and Muddy Waters) and work with Methodman (Blackout! 1 & 2), Reggie’s been in films and TV, runs his own label, Gilla House Records, and is an admitted workhorse. “I multi-task ‘cause I’m after that paycheck,” he says, which was apparent during our interview as he repeatedly placed me on hold, talked to his agent about the new album and upcoming mixtape, while taking his daughter to soccer practice.

I caught him on a busy off-day to talk about his pre-Redman days, upcoming film work, and other projects in the pipeline. Here’s to Reggie Noble, a rapper who’s never taken himself seriously and who’s built a name through hard rhymes–and an even harder work ethic. “So fuck all you fools out there with a large vocabulary in your sentence / I don’t need that shit to pay my rent with!”

You debuted on EPMD’s Business As Usual? Talk about that history for people who don’t know?
I met the legendary EPMD at a club in Jersey called “Sensations.” I was actually a DJ at the time and was with this other dude. We went to Sensations to see MC Lyte, but once we got there, we saw EPMD backstage and decided to just kick it. My friend told Eric Sermon [that] I could rap, mind you, I was a DJ at the time and only knew, like, two raps [laughs]! But they kept fucking with me, telling me to kick some raps for them. After a few hours of drinking and smoking, I kicked some raps and Eric threw me on stage that very same night! That’s how I got down with those dudes. That’s how everything started basically.

That’s how you linked up with Def Squad?
After that night, EPMD was just a phone call away. We became homies and I ended up living with Eric [Sermon] for some months. When they’d go on tour, I’d come along to carry their bags and shit. Eventually I worked my mic skills up and got to be featured along with Def Squad. Continue reading “Blunt Talk: Reggie Noble Interview”

Daptone Contest!

We’re happy to announce the first of some major contests with Daptone Records!

This time, 2 winners will get this HOUSE OF SOUL SHIRT and 1 winner will get this DAPTONE COLLAGE POSTER! Like the label itself, both items are real classy!

The 3 winners will be chosen at random. Contest ends December 18th 2009. Goodies will be in your stockings by X-mas! Correctly answer this to win.

Q: Daptone was founded by two dudes. What are their names?

Easy right? Send the correct answer to with “Daptone Contest” in the subject. Good luck!

The Vontastics – Never Let Your Love Grow Cold

“Never Let Your Love Grow Cold” by The Vontastics

By Derek See of Derek’s Daily 45

Perhaps it’s all the winters and blazing hot summers that I spent near the windy city throughout my life that makes me feel such a strong bond with the sound of Chicago soul. Traits that records from the city by the lake have in common are grit, incredible voices, lyrics that are deep direct and heartfelt, and music that always rhythmically compels (no matter the tempo).

This record epitomizes everything I love about Chicago soul, and with its’ unusual chord progression, takes a hint from the psychedelic music that was also in full bloom at this time. From the incredible guitar and horn hooks on the intro followed by the powerful drum fill, it’s obvious from the first few seconds that this record is full of confidence, swagger and emotion. Lead singer (and songwriter) Bobby Newsome comes out swinging with his vocal which frames the record to keep shooting higher until the declaration of undying love in the chorus.

Things let up a little bit in the bridge (there was nowhere else to go but take it down a bit), exploding once again for a final chorus. And when that final chorus ends, all I wanna do is hear this song again. And again. The beauty of a perfect 45 RPM record. From 1967.

*Derek See is a DJ, musician, and writer who runs one of my favorite audio-blogs, Derek’s Daily 45. Please visit his band’s website for more info on him, his music, and whereabouts. Subscribe to his blog and dude will email you a track from his collection (almost) EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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Thes One, Lando Calrissian

PUTS: “Check The Vibe (snippet)” off Carried Away

I spoke to Thes One around the time he released his first solo project, Lifestyle Marketing. And his production on PUTS’ new album, Carried Away, is even more layered, more fleshed-out than their past beats. Ontop of his equipment know-how, Thes is a collector, and the combination has proved successful time and time again—check out “Acid Raindrops” and “San Francisco Knights” and know that PUTS’ have made like 7 albums wrought with similar enjoyable, boom-bap qualities.

Carried Away, came out recently so I contacted Thes again to see what’s gone down since a couple years (and albums) ago. Head over to URB’s newly relaunched site to read that interview!

Carried Away marks PUTS’ return to OM Records. As such, OM is giving away specially made 45s. It’s a “beer” colored 45 of the track “Beer” featuring Lando himself, Billy Dee Willimas. Thes even flips “Blind Alley” on this version, which you get free only when you order the album from OM! It’s free with purchase of the vinyl (only a few left!) so DO IT NOW!