Homecoming King: PB Wolf Q&A

(Editor’s Note: I interviewed Chris Manak (PB Wolf) for a couple local websites before his big show in San Jose a few weeks back. We talk a lot about his early history, specifically his start in San Jose. Take a look Stones Throw fans! – DM) 



Stones Throw is a defiant panoply of inventive music, a cadre of artists whom flout convention while making some of the most varied, artful projects in recent memory. It’s all due to Chris Manak, who helms the powerhouse label which he founded in San Jose, his hometown and early base of operations.  Continue reading


Farewell Big Al’s
05/04/2013, 10:57 PM
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I still love covering local stories, especially when it’s about two 80+ year old dudes who run the largest and oldest record store in my area. Joe (pictured above) yells “there he is!” every time you walk through the door. I wrote this a few months back but if you’ve ever been in the South Bay or been by Al’s through the years, check the story HERE.

‘Bout My Clout
11/28/2012, 9:37 PM
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The latest issue of Clout Magazine just dropped, featuring an in-depth piece I did with the legendary D-Styles. Not only is D one of the most precise DJs to ever do it, he’s one of the nicest, most humblest dudes ever. Gotta respect that. Pick up the latest issue (and a hat or two) at the Clout Store and peep this Low End Theory podcast by D himself.

Doctor’s Note
10/08/2009, 11:15 PM
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doctor nurse (2)

“Phantom Lights”, from Calm Seas, Phantom Lights

Doctor Nurse is a San Jose band whose perfectionist (and laissez faire) attitude delayed this release for years. Besides a droning, 8 minute instrumental interlude (aptly called “Graveland”), the other songs have lyrics that shift between detailed, real life moments and abstract imagery. The melodies are catchy and replete with lingering qualities; the musicianship is tight, combining traditional tools with vintage synths like the Prophet-600 (Sequential Circuits). Occasional French horns, vibraphones, and organs round out certain choruses and flesh out the rest.

The 4 members (and 2 guest musicians) are multi-instrumentalists who sometimes rotate instruments depending on the track. The songs are fully developed compositions—which are short, laid-back garage rock tracks with psychadelic tinges and nostalgic vibes. The joint above, “Phantom Lights”, is a personal favorite which, I think, displays the sense of reverie found on Phantom Seas.

JB of Doctor Nurse, who plays guitar, sings, and writes all the songs, will be sharing an amazing interview he did with pioneering ’70s filmmaker, Jamaa Fanaka. This has been a long time in the making. Be ready.

To hear more of Calm Seas, Phantom Lights and to purchase it, please click HERE or contact Doctor Nurse directly at