Archie Whitewater: Unreleased Material

Cover Design By Musk

Archie Whitewater’s “Cross Country” is one of my favorite songs ever and this is blowing me away right now. From Psychadilsnik.Blogspot.Com: Apparently recorded shortly after the self- titled LP was released on Cadet Concept in 1970. This was never released due to numerous complications with Chess Records and all its sister labels, which includes Cadet Concept. The tracks were forgotten and never released. The album probably wasn’t quite finished. Also some tracks were meant to be used as radio station spots and promos. The tracks are instrumental, calmer shorter versions of the full tracks. The track names are speculation and not confirmed.

For the tracklisting and a bit more info, peruse Pschadilsnik and download these tracks. The site–and their youtube channel–feature really good stuff so look around. These unreleased tracks are killer! Many thanks!


4 thoughts on “Archie Whitewater: Unreleased Material

  1. It looks like the “Cadet Concept” logo was the inspiration behind Peanut Butter Wolf’s logo….


  2. “Coming As I Come From Where I’ve Been” is on my nightly ‘must play before falling asleep’ playlist… so wonderful. Glad you’re sharing also!


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