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09/18/2009, 11:11 PM
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Daptone puts out so many good projects that it’s easy to overlook their equally impressive subsidiary label, Ever-Soul. They specialize in forgotten soul and have another great project out next week—Detroit’s own Darrell Banks, a singer known for his hit “Open The Door” and who was fatally shot when he was 35. Here’s a great blog post about some fans who raised funds and bought a memorial plaque for Mr. Banks after visiting his grave and seeing that it was unmarked. You can read about Ever-Soul’s release, pre-order it, and hear snippets over at Daptone’s storefront.

One of Ever-Soul’s best releases is Eddie & Ernie’s “Bullets Don’t Have Eyes”. It’s a spirited track made in the early 1970s. This would be one of the pair’s last recordings and is one of their best. This came out a while ago, but copies are still available and are highly recommended. Hear it below.

Eddie & Ernie – “Bullets Don’t Have Eyes”


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Hi, saw your review on Eddie and Ernie’s Bullet’s Don’t Have Eyes. I’m the son of Eddie Campbell and I must inform you that the info you included of them being 16 and 19 when this song was recorded is incorrect. The song was written by my father alone and he’s doing ALL of the vocals as well being that this recording was originally intended to be included on his solo album. The song was recorded in 1972 when my father was 31 years old. Anyway, there is a cool article on my father and myself where I was interviewed for this music site The Hook and Sling. The author included a divShare sound link of my cover version of Eddie and Ernie’s song “Standing at the Crossroads” along with Eddie and Ernie’s original version of the song. Both sound links are at the bottom of the article. Anyway, go to google and type in
Christopher CoShea Campbell Standing at the Crossoroads and you’ll see it. I specifically mention when my father wrote “Bullet’s Don’t Have Eyes”.


Comment by Christopher Campbell

Hey thanks for the correct info, Chris. We’re big fans of your father’s work. Nice article, thanks for the link.


Comment by david ma

[…] out the back cover to read about how David Griffith came upon this jewel. And not to mention that NERDTORIOUS nodded to it about two years ago. The comments on that blog post are pretty informative because Eddie […]


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