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In the works:

I recently interviewed Aja West for an upcoming Wax Poetics feature. He’s the mad genius behind Mackrosoft Records. Not only do they have a new project coming out— they have 3! We’ll be posting our conversation and some exclusive tracks from the upcoming trilogy. Expect some of the hardest jazz beats you’ll ever hear from one of the weirdest, most genuine dudes ever.

We got a hold of Prince Paul’s promo, Confessions Of A Beat Junkie, a tape Tommy Boy provided press and media to promote the reissue of Psychoanalysis. It’s a 35-minute “Best of Prince Paul” blend that showcases his famous work, b-sides, and unreleased material. We’ll have it available for download next week! Plus, an introduction by Prince Paul himself!

Speaking of Psychoanalysis, Stacy Gueraseva, NY writer and author of Def Jam Inc. , will be stopping by with her thoughts on the album, what it meant to her, and what it did for hip-hop as the millenium closed. It’s an exclusive she wrote for NERDTORIOUS!

Similar upcoming contributions from DJs, writers, rappers, musicians, music nerds: Cosmo Baker, Prince Po, Brian “B+” Cross, Vivian Host, Amir (of Kon & Amir), Binky Griptite, Dam Funk and many, many more!

We landed an exclusive interview with Pax Nicholas, teenage member of Fela Kuti’s Africa 70. Mr. Nicholas is in his 70s and lives in Berlin. This is a VERY RARE interview! His lost record, Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef, will be out soon on Daptone. He had some amazing stories to tell.

We also have another rare feature in the works: An in-depth interview with Jamaa Fanaka, ’70s cult-filmmaker and pioneering African American movie director. This timeless interview has been in the works for awhile and shouldn’t be missed!

An upcoming NERDTORIOUS mixtape for download, featuring rare records ranging from Psych to Soul, Funk to Garage— and other recordings we think you might dig.

– More contests and giveaways from labels we love!

This is just the stuff we’re telling you about! STAY TUNED FOR WAY MORE!


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