More Eccentricity

Numero just released Eccentric Breaks & Beats Vol.2, a followup to Vol.1 which was made using their outstanding (and astounding) catalog. Best of all, IT’S FREE! Below are some words from Numero’s chief officer, Ken Shipley, with whom we’ve spoken to before– read it here:

After we issued ‘Eccentric Breaks & Beats’ last year our inbox was suddenly flooded with junior producers looking to do something similar. A handful of sorta-okay-but-not-really-that-great entries were submitted, but none could touch the original Shoes boot. When Adam Calman from Parallel Thought dropped their entry into our lap a few days into the new year, we were eyeball-deep in royalties and couldn’t process how good the mix actually was.

It was played on computer screens, background to our Excel nightmare. Between ‘Pressed At Boddie’, the ‘Penny & the Quarters’ debacle, ‘Willie Wright’, ‘Salsa Boricua De Chicago’, ‘Father’s Children’, ‘Nickel & Penny’, and our looming Boddie box set, there seemed to be no room for another record. And rather than let EBB Volume 2 collect dust and play counts on our hard drives, we decided to let it live in the same manner that the original EBB had: unfettered. But perhaps best of all, we’ve decided to make it free.

If you bought Volume 1, you may’ve noticed our bite on the original ‘Ultimate Breaks & Beats’ cover concepts. We enlisted Eliza Childress, second runner-up in our Pressed At Boddie design contest to create another ridiculous/hideous cover, and we think she succeeded. That she turned it around in five days is perhaps more impressive. — Ken Shipley



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