better with age

Collector and pal Adrian “Age” Mendoza sent me a copy of his newest 45 some months back. A fan of his Soulstrut mixes (and THIS latin/funk/soul/garage mix) I was also stoked to find a burn CD with “Owl Sessions’ cryptically written on it. Turns out it’s a random hip-hop mix, a pleasant surprise of classic rap from all over the map– Charizma, D.I.T.C., The Nonce and other stuff that makes me feel old. The selections all really hold up and the recording itself just sounds great. And it’s a NERDTORIOUS exclusive to boot; mixed on 3 turntables, 1 Vestax 06 Pro, A Stanton SA-3 Mixer & a Delay Pedal. Tracklisting and link below.

1)Typical Cats – “Take A Number”
2)Natural Resource – “Negro League Baseball”
3)D.I.T.C. – “Day One”
4)Nubian Crackers Feat.The Artifacts – “Can You Feel It”
5)Micranots – “141 Million Miles”
6)All City Productions Feat. Mysterme – “Unsolved Mysterme”
7)Eyedl Mode – “End of The Innocence/”Here comes the..” [partial end transition]
8)The Dereliks – “I Am A Record”
9)Tha Alkaholiks – “Turn Tha Party Out(Feat. The Lootpack)”
10)Casual – “Thoughts Of The Thoughtful”
11)Kurious – “Walk Like A Duck”
12)Jigmastas – “Execution”
13)Eric B. & Rakim – “In The Ghetto” (Mort Garrison/Age Plant Moog Remix)
14)Ahmad,Rass Kass & Saafir – “Come Widdit” [3 in 1 Edit]
15)The Nonce – “Mix Tapes”
16)Yaggfu Front – “Where’d Ya Get Ya Bobo’s?”
17)Charisma & P.B. Wolf – “Methods”
18)Outkast – “Elevators” [“Methods” Accapella Blend]
19)L’ronious – “In The C.O.R.N.”
20)Hobo Jubction – “It’s Just Not My Style”
21)Ugly Duckling – “Fresh Mode”

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD “THE OWL SESSIONS” by AGE

* Hit up New Medina Music for info on Age and his upcoming work.


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