AGE’D MIX: El Fantasmas Espejo

age El Fantasmas Espejo Part_ 1

El Fantasmas Espejo (Part 1 of 2) is: “A mix I just did that’s from a large collection I was given 2 to 3 months ago from a former local radio DJ. It ranges from psych, soul, chicano anthems, covers, rock, balada, etc. It’s all over the place. All Latin records, all OGs, none re-issued and some below radar..til now,” according to AGE, Bay Area record junkie and local DJ/producer.

AGE’s last mix was a longtime favorite of mine. Listen and download his new one, El Fantasmas Espejo (which translates to “The Haunted Mirror”). Thanks holmes!


2 thoughts on “AGE’D MIX: El Fantasmas Espejo

  1. Thanks folks I greatly appreciate all the feedback and also, here is the track listing.

    Jonny Chingas:Que Pasa
    Grupo EKO:We Can Be Happy
    Ray Barretto:New York Soul
    Los Bondadosos:Chicana
    Los Freddy’s:Me Tienes A Mi
    Fiebre Amarilla:Pide
    Johnny Canales Y Su Orq:Baby Let Me Kiss You
    Los Flamers:Tu Me Hace Sentir Bien
    Los Rondels:La La Te Amo
    Sunny & The Sunliners:My Dream
    Bel-Aire Band:No Puedo Esperar
    Ralfi Pagan:OOO Baby Baby
    Joe Bataan:The Prayer
    J.P. Company:Gonzar Asi
    Conjunto Santanita:Guajira
    Los Monchis:Aguardiente
    Julio Gutierrez:Last Tango In Paris
    Apocalipsis:Un Secreto
    Los Mexican Lovers:En Una Noche De Invierno
    El Fin La Chrisitian Sound y David y Goliat
    Carlos Ramos & His Orquesta Fuego:Tecato

    Enjoy folks & again, thanks to y’all and the folks here at Nerdtorious, Musica Del Alma & Soulstrut!


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