gaylettes keep giving

gaylettes 45 (2)

I posted about The Gaylettes days ago and am still obsessed with hearing all their songs. Their records can be hard to pinpoint because—like lots of Jamaican releases—the information is wildly varied (spellings of their name include: Gayletts, Gayletts, and Gaylets). Just when I thought I’ve heard it all, I found this amazing 45 they put out on Hot Disk (the b-side also kills!). I should really update this post with the b-side too, but for now, here’s “Don’t Believe Her”, another ridiculously sweet song by my favorite Jamaican ladies, The Gaylettes.


3 thoughts on “gaylettes keep giving

  1. I like it. You are the only one to post info on this single. I have it and think its awesome. Thanks


  2. I found a different issue of the Gaylettes/Don’t Believe Her on SEP – the flip is Good Bye. Thanks for posting on this amazing 60s Jamaican vocal group.


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