beats & bleeps via basura

DJ Basura, Missingtoof superstar and Bay Area busy-body, gave NERDTORIOUS his brand new mix, Beats & Bleeps Vol.1, for heads to enjoy. Flying Lotus, DOOM, Harmonic 313, Quinoline Yellow, AND Schooly D? It all works as Basura irons out any hints of awkwardness throughout its 18-songs. The selections lean more towards hip-hop and downtempo than his other works, but it’s equally fun, equally smooth as the electro mixes he’s most known for. Dude’s versatile, so check him and his mix for some bump (and bleeps) in your trunk. Thanks Brosura!



1. DOOM- Lightworks
2. Reminder- On Rooftops
3. Cool Kids- Action Figures
4. Push Button Objects- Lxp Bitches
5. Sixtoo- Boxcutter Emporium Pt.2
6. Harmonic 313- Word Problems
7. Schooly D- P.S.K. What Does It Mean?
8. Flying Lotus- $tunt
9. Secret Frequency Crew-Holographic Moon Owls
10. Chris De Luca & Peabird- What The Fuck I Got To Say
11. Dabrye- Piano
12. Flowchart- Fast Forward Remix
13. Freescha- Come Good
14. Mantronix- Get Stupid Fresh Vol.1
15. Autophonic- Mechanics
16. T La Rock- It’s Yours
17. Quinoline Yellow- Sheepdip
18. Lexaunculpt- Strangelove Offline

deejay basura jpeg


4 thoughts on “beats & bleeps via basura

  1. heyy, your mix is definitely eccentric but i like it! i was wondering where you got reminder – on rooftops.


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