RBL Posse’s lone remaining member, Black C (right) pictured here with Eazy-E (left).

Growing up in the Bay in ’90s, you’d be hard pressed not to catch RBL Posse on the radio. These dudes from Hunters Point had huuuuuge hits, songs that are burned into my middle school memories. Between “Bounce To This,” “Blue Bird,” and “Don’t Give Me No Bammer Weed,” the trio were (almost) able to escape the gritty violence they often spoke of. What an incredible shame that 2 of the 3 members were murdered while so young. I picked the anti-cop anthem “Blue Bird” as well as “Bammer Weed” to explore since, I feel, those resonate the most after all these years. A million thanks to Black C for his candor and time regarding RBL’s history and how their songs came to be. For my “Making of…” series for POW, read it HERE. RIP Mr. Cee and Hitman.

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