Summer Heat!

(Editor’s note: Recently, I stopped by Soul-Sides to talk about one of my favorite summer jams which you can peep here— as did Adam del Alma. Adam’s on a summer song rampage and we’re glad given his past record. Here are choice cuts he sent us for this late June 2010 (peep the Beto Villeno joint!). Finally, summer’s here. Let the sunshine in. –DM)


By Adam D.

With the summer season here at last, I wanted to throw together a collection of tracks that both describe my summertime experience and make sure it goes down correctly.

Os Novos Baianos: “Preta Pretinha”

From their Acabou Chorare LP (Som Livre, 1972)

Those lucky enough to have traveled to Brasil (or are friendly with Brasileiros) know that this South American country basically exudes the summer spirit. The Os Novos Baianos track is a playful embodiment of this spirit, and a great way to start off a promising summer day.

“Open the door and window and come see the sunrise”.

The Whispers: “Needle In A Haystack” (OG Version)

From the Dore 7″ (196?)

Summer is all about discovery, whether it’s searching for that intelligent fly girl, or finding out that the original Dore 7″ version of “Needle In A Haystack” is superior to all others! Seriously though, anything is possible once those sublime keys drop in. A badge of honor for Bay Area music.

Willie Bobo and the Bo Gents: “Broasted or Fried”

From their Do What You Want To Do LP (Sussex, 197?)

The album’s title says it all: Freedom. To me, summer is the pursuit of this feeling (with some barbecuing thrown in for good measure). Between the watery keys and the steady waves of horns, this song basically places you at the beach and puts a cold beer in your hand.

Yhonny y su Combo: “Salsa Soul”
From their Preparen Candela LP (Fonobosa, 197?)

While not quite Salsa nor Soul, “Salsa Soul” is a stylish descarga of top caliber, capable of inspiring you to pull out all the stops and do your utmost on a packed dancefloor.

The Jackson Sisters: “I Believe In Miracles”
From the Prophesy 7″ (1973)

No other song has quite the same effect on me as “I Believe In Miracles.” Maybe it’s the b-boy in me, but once the horns come in it’s all over. It’s party time.

“Let’s plan a holiday for two…”

*Bonus Beat!

Beto Villeno: “Morning”
From the ??? 7″ (197?)

Crazy cool version of Cal Tjader’s classic Latin Soul Jazz theme, “Morning”.


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