Femme Fatales

I’m not too deep on Jamaican soul or reggae in general, but I’ve always loved things I’ve heard from say, Phyllis Dillon (pictured above), The Dreamletts, or compilations like this one. Below are random Jamaican girl-group joints I scored from my girlfriend, mixtapes, 45s, rare comps, and LPs. All of which are rather short, sweet, and uncomplicated.

The First Generation’s “Give Him Up”, a rare Jamaican soul track with, even rarer, a change-up in the arrangement! This song gets better and better as it moves along.

One of my favorite girl-groups in any genre, The Gaylettes. Here’s a b-side called “Goodbye”.

Susan Cadogan’s “Hurt So Good”. The her vocals really propel the simple arrangement.

Marcia Griffiths’ cover of the Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down” won’t let you down. Note the crashing cymbals and unexpected hi-hats.

Phyllis Dillon has so many great random songs. “Tell Me You Love Me All The Time” is another one.

The always enjoyable Nora Dean, “Mojo Girl”. Supposedly she’s 15-years-old on this one.


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