Afrobeat Goes On

“Comencemos” by Phirpo Y Sus Caribes

“Woman Pin Down” by Dan Satch and his Atomic 8 Dance Band

It’s fitting Fela gets the deluxe treatment now considering his work experienced a revival of sorts in the last decade or so (and continues to). But Black Man’s Cry: The Inspiration of Fela Kuti is much more than a project of “Fela covers”. In fact, besides a couple tracks, these covers and interpolations themselves are from rare Nigerian 45s and other international LPs.

The boxset includes 4 x 10-inches and the book it comes with—written and researched by Egon—is a great, quick primer on Fela and partly why the project’s so strong. Above are a couple snippets. The deluxe boxset comes out on Now-Again late next month.


5 thoughts on “Afrobeat Goes On

  1. diggy dang, that ‘woman pin down’ track goes WAY hard, i’ll need to pick that comp up. and great work on the current wax poetics issue..great content and articles all around.


    1. Malheureusement ce film n’est pas ou peu sorti sur nos slleas. Avons-nous des slleas? Ah oui, mais tre8s peu Bref, voyez-le en DVD. Incontournable. Michael Fassbender (extraordinaire) y joue le rf4le de Bobby Sands, chef de l’Arme9e re9publicaine irlandaise (IRA) qui a fait une gre8ve de la faim dans sa cellule dans la prison britannique Maze en 1981. Avis aux cœurs sensibles. Le film est d’une violence, non pas visuelle mais violence sournoise que le re9alisateur a illustre9e brillamment. Le plan se9quence de 17 minutes entre Bobby Sands et le cure9 devrait passer e0 l’histoire. Extraordinaire. Moment d’histoire et de cine9ma. Pour les adeptes du travail de Steve McQueen, il pre9pare un film sur Fela Kuti.


  2. Oh man, can’t wait for this one to arrive at my house! This is MY SHIT right here. Was lucky enough to nab a copy of that Dan Satch 7″ from Paolo’s latest list.

    2010 is gonna be a great year for reissues and records alike!


  3. I do hope that we move from ‘nod’ to ‘win’ soon. I think He deserves it and I hope that many oterhs learn from him.It does seem like its those who are still in the ‘Soul/Afrobeat’ genre and the likes are theones getting noticed by the Grammys. That should tell us something. Yes, the Hip Hop sells but doesnt get the nominations.


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