Funemployment For Enjoyment


I’m not the only one who’s sad to see summer go. Our Bay brethren, King Most, just posted this fun mix to celebrate “the last few slivers of 2009’s summer”. The artwork is very apt and gives you an indication of what’s on this uptempo, party mix. Summer’s over, but you’ll have this to vibe to while we await its return—which can’t come soon enough.



4 thoughts on “Funemployment For Enjoyment

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  3. As I read this i was reminded of being in a fab restaurant in Harlem last week and receiving an email requesting a response "ASAP" However, I could not bring myself to interrupt a real world experience interacting with fab ppl in a great surrounding, with technology. Sometime we need to disconnect ourselves from our technological tethers and enjoy where we are!I can also appreciate what you are saying about recreation. I think it can get exhausting always being able to say u've seen latest big exhibit or art house movie. So i've stopped goin to things that i "should" and only attend things that i want to!


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