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Staten Island’s Budos Band are back with a perfect EP for these summer nights. The tracks are from sessions between the making of their first self-titled release, The Budos Band, and its successor, Budos Band II. They’re from the Daptone family, so it’s tightly crafted per usual. They lean a bit more towards Afro-Soul, but do have touches of Jazz, Funk and Latin too. The musicans are part of a rotating cast that make up The Mighty Imperials, Menahan Street Band, The Dap Kings, and Sugarman 3. Included is a list of the band members (because these dudes don’t get enough individual credit) and for your downloading pleasure, “The Proposition”, a previously released 45 that’s also on the new EP.


The Budos Band are:

budos band

Vincent Balestrino, Shekere
Thomas Brenneck, Electric Guitar
John Carbonella Jr., Congas, Drums
Mike Deller, Organ
Daniel Foder, Bass Guitar
Cochemea Gastellum, Tenor Sax, Flute
Andrew Greene, Trumpet
Dave Guy, Trumpet
Rob Lombardo, Bongo, Congas
Brian Profilio, Drums
Dame Rodriguez, Cowbell, Clave, Tambourine
Jared Tankel, Baritone Saxophone

***Please visit Daptone’s storefront for more info.


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