I recently (and finally) spoke with E-40 who, besides being an absolute legend, also wears shirts that say ‘Eat Lumpia’ and gives back to local schools in Vallejo. Literally, a jolly good fellow. I have a bottle of E. Cuarenta tequila sitting on the shelf as I write this. Despite this article not being as extensive as I would’ve liked, 40 was a great interview; present and pleasant, spastic, shared stories about Too Short, the Bay, Tupac and more. It’s also my first byline for Vibe Magazine (shouts to the editorial squad, they were fun to work with). Read it HERE!!!

5 Records That Changed My Life – Boots Riley

I spoke to Boots Riley (of The Coup) recently for Ego Trip and had him share 5 life changing records. It’s always good to have an excuse to talk to Boots. The Coup’s new album, Sorry To Bother You, is production-wise a stylistic change but the themes and content are solid and thoughtful per usual. Read Boots’ list HERE.