When He Ruled The World

Here’s a recent piece I did on the wonderful rise of Kurtis Blow, when he ruled the world and when rap was still young, surrounded by doubters, believers, and artists of all kinds. And Kurtis was the biggest rapper on the planet.

* Bonus: here’s a strange duet between Kurtis and Bob Dylan of all people (peep Bob’s “hot bars”).


MC Bobby D


I’m checking my facts for an upcoming Kurtis Blow article and found out about a “duet” that features Bob Dylan “rapping”. Dylan just says a couple lines at the beginning which is later chopped and replayed throughout song (all 8 minutes of it!). But he’s not doing spoken word or just talking; it sounds like he’s trying to rap—or at least imitate what rap at the time sounded like. The track isn’t memorable, nor does Dylan exactly spit hot fire, but it’s funny and he sounds exactly like how you’d imagine. I have tons of questions and wish I had known about this before I spoke with Kurtis. For kicks, here’s a snippet of just Dylan’s part:

“Street Rock” by Kurtis Blow featuring Bob Dylan (snippet)

You can hear the entire track on youtube HERE.