It Even Says Finesse On His Birth Certificate…

I was recently able to connect with Finesse again, this time for Ego Trip’s outstanding “Sample Flip Series”. This year promises to be a big year for him, as projects both vaulted and new are slated for release courtesy of Slice-of-Spice Records. As a fan of the label and series, I was glad to touch base with the Funky Technician. You can read/listen to it HERE.

The Funk Soul Brother: New Lord Finesse Interview

ness and joe

Lord Finesse, pictured above with Presentable Joe, is an ALL-TIME favorite. He projects such attitude and always comes with hilarious, bull’s-eye punchlines. I still chuckle to the same verses I’ve heard a thousand times. We spoke some months back where he was full of stories about D.I.T.C., stories that shouldn’t be missed if you’re into small histories behind amazing records.

Our interview ran as a Record Rundown for Wax Poetics issue #35 and the remaining portions of the interview (in my opinion, the more interesting parts) were recently published over at Wax Poetics’ site. You can read it in its entirety HERE.

Also, here’s one of the best battles ever: Finesse and Percee P from ’89. The footage is grainy, but both wreck shop. Ness slays it in part 2… Continue reading “The Funk Soul Brother: New Lord Finesse Interview”