Conway, left and Alc, right, pictured here on beanie day.

I spoke with one of the greatest living producers, Alchemist, as well as Griselda’s best pure rapper, Conway the Machine, about their collab, LULU. Read it here for BILLBOARD.

Alchemist is on a historic run (Alfredo, with Freddie Gibbs came out after LULU) and Conway has since promised 3 albums after this one. As of this writing, we’re in the midst of a tremendous era for modern rap and these dudes’ names are somehow constantly in the conversation.

Brown Bless The Mic Like Gesundheit

I first heard of Danny on this joint off The Hybrid 4 release and dude continues to shine, even earning mainstream regard in Rolling Stone and Spin who listed his mixtape, XXX, as this year’s top rap album.

I briefly spoke to Danny for Ego Trip. As a definite bright spot this year for hip-hop, he talked about the time he first met Alchemist (an established producer by the time) before all the recognition rolled in. Unknown then, chances are we can expect a Danny Brown/Alchemist joint soon.