covergirl: el perro del mar

el perro

I just got El Perro del Mar’s upcoming album in the mail which reminded me of how better her covers are than her original songs. The new one, Love Is Not Pop, is a lot like her last one, From The Valley To The Stars— not bad, but kinda forgettable. She relies way too much on cuteness (too many la-la-las) to push her songs along, and the music, normally pretty mellow, sounds thin and lacking overall. Her best work is probably her self-titled that came out in ’06. In light of a new album and tour, here’s a couple of those covers that first came to mind:

1) Her cover of The Isley Brothers’ “(At Your Best) You Are Love”, which was the b-side to Lykke Li’s “After Laughter (Comes Tears)” 45, released during Record Store Day earlier this year.

2) “Here Comes That Lonely Feeling”, a great cover of this Gaylettes’ sure-shot.


2 thoughts on “covergirl: el perro del mar

  1. Well, now…as with Vivian Girls vs. Chantels, no contest re the Gaylettes. I mean, not even a fair contest!

    I was irritated by ‘You Hit Me’ because I thought it’d be a Crystals cover or homage, and it’s not. But let’s move to non-covers. ‘Change of Heart’ is nicely atmospheric & really quite good. In fact, it’s on my late night playlist – alog with Archie Whitewater.


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