Perfect Pairing: Alton Ellis & Phyllis Dillon


Not much more can be said about the great Alton Ellis. Ellis was a giant of his genre and his career has been rightfully celebrated up until his recent passing last year. His career produced huge collaborations with many producers and singers, one of which is with the always sweet, always enjoyable, Phyllis Dillon.

“I’m Just The Guy”, recorded for Studio One in 1967 is, needless to say, a killer collaboration between the two. I like that the song is about soon-to-be lovers warning eachother about themselves. Both Ellis and Dillon deliver, sounding at once vulnerable and directly confrontational. Shouts to my girl for schooling me on this one.

CLICK TO HEAR “I’M JUST A GUY (Feat. Phyllis Dillon)”

***BONUS CUT: “MAKE ME YOURS” by Phyllis Dillon. Not only is this my favorite Phyllis Dillon song, but it shows how her voice and cadences can accent an otherwise simple arrangement.


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