Talking Records with Big Boi


Been so busy I completely forgot to plug a quick piece I did with the one and only, Sir Luscious himself, Big Boi of Outkast. Having listened to Outkast for decades now, it was certainly an honor to chop it up with Big about powerfully impactful records that’ve aided his outlook on music and  life. It’s another one I was happy to do for Ego Trip, which you can read HERE. Some of Big’s choices were replete with insight and surely expected, but Kate Bush? For real? Dig it.

Profound Records w/ Phantogram


Recently spoke with Josh and Sarah of Phantogram. I’ve always liked their overt hip-hop sensibilities  and their new project with Big Boi– Big Grams— really heightens the aesthetic. For Ego Trip, we conversed about records that changed their lives and work. Peep it HERE.