Bear Witness

‘Witness To A Heartbreak’ :: The Dynettes [Constellation, 1965]

This single from The Dynettes is a real beauty, sung as if it were court testimony after ‘witnessing a heartbreak’. Not much is known about the Dynettes though this comes from Chicago, 1965, arranged by Maurice Williams (unlikely this Maurice Williams but who knows). The sluggish, delicate arrangement and interplay between the lead and background vocals make it what it is. ‘Witness To A Heartbreak’ is actually a b-side and is nothing like its upbeat a-side may have suggested. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a clean copy of this for ages and finally, I did. Dig it!


12 thoughts on “Bear Witness

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  2. Just spoke at length to the lead singer of this group, Idella . She resides in Charlotte, NC. She remembers those days fondly. She is a delight and is the only member of the group still alive as far as she knows.


    1. Juanita,

      Thnx for the comment. Do you personally know Idella or are you a music journalist? We’re always trying to get more info on these artists we enjoy.



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